Mortal Kombat XThe last couple of days have been filled with strange postings and hints towards the next Mortal Kombat title, and today it has finally been announced. Mortal Kombat 10, or what the developers are calling Mortal Kombat X, has now had an official trailer released for it, and things are looking pretty interesting.

The trailer for Mortal Kombat X starts with what looks like cinematic footage, but it neatly transitions into real gameplay, at which point you start to realize just how good looking the new Mortal Kombat game is going to be.

The first hint towards the Mortal Kombat X reveal trailer came in the form of a Tweet from Wiz Khalifa, which was certainly quite odd. Wiz Khalifa posted an image that read 'Who's Next?' As well as a date in Roman numerals. The date read "VI.II.MMXIV" which translates to 2nd June 2014, which is the day Mortal Kombat received a big reveal.

Ed Boon followed up with Tweet by writing "Yes you are Next @wizkhalifa !! On June 2nd Kombat Kontinues... #WHOSNEXT" Ed Boon has been tweeting about some strange announcement for weeks now, and it's finally been revealed.

Personally, I'm very interested in a new Mortal Kombat game, but let's hope Wiz Khalifa doesn't make a guest appearance, I think that would be a little odd. But who knows, it could happen.. However, it seems more likely that Wiz Khalifa is being used as a marketing strategy, similarly to the way Eminem partnered with Activision to create a Call of Duty specific song called Survival.