xbox 360 titanfall dlcRespawn Entertainment has just released it's second update for Titanfall on the Xbox 360, and it brings a bunch of changes to the game, along with a whole host of bug fixes. Whilst there's no massive gameplay changes, everything has been done to further smooth out gameplay and offer a better experience for those playing on the Xbox 360.

Perhaps one of the most notable feature changes is the private match player count change - you will now be able to create a private match with just 2 people. Strangely, before this update, private matches required at least 6 players.

Another change makes tweaks to the party system. Players in your party will now show up on the mini map with green colors instead of the standard blue colors usually used for team mates in-game. Your party members will also have green name plates on scoreboards, on the in-game matchmaking lobby, and in-game.

Other than that, all of the other changes are pretty unnoticeable. These new changes have gone live just before the upcoming release for the next DLC pack, which has been planned for availability at some point in June.

This DLC pack, Expedition, has already been released on Xbox One and the PC, however the Xbox 360 port has so far been pushed back. The expedition DLC pack is available as part of the season pass, so if you have purchased the pass for the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall, you'll be able to pick up Expedition for free.