Information regarding one of the spec-ops missions for Modern Warfare 3 has been released. The description clues gamers in to the high paced, intensive action that MW3 has to offer. Spec-ops has been a favorite among Call of Duty fans for awhile now, and its diverse missions make for a more engaging gaming experience. Everything from stealth missions, to wave defense, to tactical missions have been featured in spec-ops, and Modern Warfare 3 is guaranteed to continue the legacy.

One featured mission includes a co-op struggle to defuse armed bombs while fighting off waves of enemy soldiers, who are hell bent on your failure. From the original blog it is very apparent that this particular mission poses a unique challenge. Invisible Threat is the spec-ops mission being referred to, and the goal of this mission is to defuse eight bombs, which are scattered throughout the map without being killed by waves of enemies.

One player is responsible for disarming the ordinance while the other player provides long-range support with the help of a sniper rifle. Timing seems to be key in this mission, as the waves re-spawn after the previous has been eliminated. The sniper allows you to see them coming, but your shots must be deadly accurate in order to make it to the last bombs position.

What does this newly released information mean for gamers? Well, specifically that Modern Warfare 3, as promised, is delivering another intensive gaming experience. Fans of the Call of Duty franchise will not be disappointed by Modern Warfare 3s new content, as it once again pushes the boundaries of first-person shooter gaming. Modern Warfare 3 is almost out in stores, and as the date approaches, more and more released information is making its way to the public. Yes, its a marketing strategy, but even still the new content has not been disappointing thus far and I do not expect it to be.

Look out for new screenshots, new game details, and mission reports on gaming blogs in order to best understand the new game. Game on my friends!