A few new snippets of gameplay from Battlefield 4's multiplayer have been shared across Youtube, and they have shown a few things about the game that aren't present in Battlefield 3.

The first video I saw showed a player drive a tank- nothing we haven't come to expect from the Battlefield franchise- however, this time round the tank in BF4 had a custom camo applied to it.

The same camo was also applied to the gun the player was wielding after they got out of the tank, and at this point in the video we could also make out some attachments on the gun, including a red dot sight and a laser designator pointer.

This small clip showed off a couple of new things that will be present in Battlefield 4. Firstly, players will now be able to customize their weapons similarly to the customization found in Call of Duty Black Ops 2. This will mean players will be able to build upon a base weapon instead of having to unlock separate variants of each weapon build.

We are also shown a camo system that is both applicable to weapons and vehicles. This really doesn't change gameplay up at all but it is nice to be able to customize your own arsenal a little more, and hopefully there will be a lot of different camos to choose from.

Strangely though, vehicle camos automatically apply as soon as a player enters a vehicle, and will return back to the stock appearance after the player exits the vehicle. This sort of breaks the feeling of being able to add a personal touch to the vehicles you use because as soon as you get out there's no real way to distinguish your vehicle from any others.

Battlefield 4 will be out soon so we'll all be able to witness the multiplayer for ourselves, but for now it's nice to have a bit of gameplay footage to keep us waiting.