Well, well well, it looks as if Microsoft has completely made a turning point on their new Xbox One. Now, not only can you use the Xbox without a constant internet connection, but we can now play the next gen Xbox console without the kinect entirely.

This change has come about after privacy concerns were made public due to the worry that Microsoft or a malicious third party could sneak in and watch your living room at any time.

Coupled with the always on internet, an always 'kinected' camera could only spell trouble in the eyes of those that take care of their own privacy, but luckily all of the DRM features have been removed, and now the Kinect always-connected rule has been removed.

Currently there still isn't an Xbox One with a Kinect not included and Microsoft still believe strongly in the success of the party peripheral, but perhaps we'll see a cheaper SKU without the Kinect 2.0 bundled in the future.

For those already interested in getting a PS4, if you could purchase an Xbox One without a Kinect and save yourself some pennies, would you think about changing you decision and route for an Xbox One instead?

Now that the similarities between the Xbox One and PS4 are slowly becoming larger, the only real thing keeping both of the consoles apart are the exclusives. What exclusives are you most looking forward to playing?