New Battlefield 3 DLC

Battlefield: Aftermath is a huge new DLC title for Battlefield 3 and has been announced for release over the next two months. Battlefield premium players will be able to access the new content as early as November 27th if you own a PS3, or December 4th if you own the game on a PC or Xbox 360.

Non-premium PS3 players will be able to access the content on December 11th, whilst PC and Xbox non-premium players will have to wait till December 18th to play the new Aftermath DLC.

So what will the new Downloadable content have to offer? Well I'm glad you asked because Aftermath is certainly putting a lot more on the table.

They'll be four new maps based around the aftermath of the earthquake that took place in Iran within the single player game. You'll play as dusty and bloodied up soldiers in the wrecked city which has fallen victim to the natural disaster. The new maps will have plenty of opportunities to open up new routes by destroying scenery that has been strewn around the city.

Inside the new maps players will find a new crossbow weapon which fires a range of deadly projectiles and three new vehicles; the Baruk, the Rhino, and the Phoenix. All three vehicles have been geared up to protect themselves from the recent earthquakes and following aftershocks that will occasionally occur whilst you are playing on the new maps.

If that doesn't sound cool enough, DICE are also adding a completely new game mode exclusive to Aftermath which has been named Scavenger. In Scavenger, everyone will start the game with no weapons or equipment, and will have to scavenge for guns and supplies in the wrecked city. Ammo will be sparse, and so will the class system, so gameplay will be down to overall skill, and maybe a little bit of luck.

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