New Borderlands 2 Info

On top of new DLC, a Borderlands developer has answered a few questions on twitter giving fans insight into their current goals on the 2nd Borderlands title. We have previously heard about new character classes being added with download content packs, but thanks to the power of social media, we now have an even better idea of what's going on in the Gearbox office today.

Randy Pitchford, president of Gearbox Software, has revealed three elements of the game that both the developers and the fans are hoping to be incorporated into Borderlands 2. The first is a level cap increase, which to many would mean more hours of play and maybe even more skill trees to complete, and because this feature has been asked a huge amount of times by the fans, Pitchford has confirmed that yes, we will be seeing some level cap raises in the future.

The second topic mentioned was the current use of the Eridium crystals- a currency used to purchase and upgrade specific weapons- and whether there would be any use for the crystals in the future because a lot of players had complained about the crystals gathering dust in their storage spaces after fully upgrading the Eridium weapons. Gearbox do have future plans to further involve Eridium crystals into the game, according to Randy Pitchford.

The third and probably most suggested topic after the raised level cap, is the possibility to increase the size of the storage facility. Pitchford has stated that "It was not easy," and although this doesn't confirm a definite no, it's not likely to be seen in any future updates for quite a while

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Written by Ollie Green