PS3 System Info

On October 23rd, PlayStation 3 users were greeted with a new update to their console. If you've turned your PS3 on since that date, you've probably noticed the new (v.4.30) update, and although there’s nothing significantly different, there are a few changes and tweaks that you're likely to spot.

The biggest difference in the new system software is the new changes to how Trophies are displayed on your console. You'll now be able to find your trophies under PlayStation Network on the XMB (Xross Media Bar.) It's a little different to its previous appearance, but hopefully many of you will find the new Trophy display significantly more convenient. On top of the display change, Sony have now added even more Vita cross-capability by allowing you to see your Vita Trophies on your account straight from your PlayStation 3, as well as your Trophy level and next-level progress whilst viewing your Trophies. This is by far the most exciting new feature and it’s been anticipated by some for quite a long time now.

Another notable change is Sony's decision to start removing the Life with PlayStation application, an app which provided dynamic web-based content organized into channels separated by time and location. The 4.30 update will stop offering new users any content related to the Life with PlayStation app, and Sony has said that they're aiming to remove it completely by the end of November 2012. The biggest part of the application was the support it gave to Stanford University's folding@home, a project that allowed users to donate computing hours in support of Stanford's research into Alzheimer’s disease. With the new update, Sony will be ending its partnership with Stanford which started on PS3 in 2007.

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Written by Ollie Green