Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Maps

With the reveal of Block Ops 2's multiplayer at GamesCom there is just TOO MUCH info available on everything. I think Treyarch is planning on blowing away everybody with all the details surrounding the multiplayer. One post is not nearly enough to cover it all but we shall take a look at some of the more prominent info they have made available.

First thing we are going to take a look at is the Emblem Editor which is making a comeback from the first Black Ops. If you guys remember Emblem Editor allowed players to create their very own custom emblems using layers of clip-art graphics which could be modified in a million ways (color, size, angle etc.). According to David Vonderhaar the emblem editor in BO2 is going to be "bigger and better than ever".

Amongst the perks to make a comeback is the Scavenger Perk. Just like before this perk will allow you to replenish ammo and lethal grenades from fallen enemies. But this time the perk will also allow you to replenish your equipment. So basically you can pretty much go on an unlimited Tomahawk rage, IF you don’t miss that is.

Also they made a little change to Domination matches to help balance them out. The Domination matches will now take place over 2 rounds. Everyone knows that where your team spawns in a map has a huge influence on your ability to win the game so, having two rounds will not only balance out the spawning advantage (by swapping spawn points) and prevent spawn trapping but also allow players to try out different strategies.

Last but not least I present you with pictures of the maps that Gamescom attendees were able to play on. The maps include Cargo, Yemen, Turbine and Aftermath. It is believed that these maps have already been balanced out for gameplay so what you are seeing here is pretty much what you will see in the actual game when it is released.

Be sure to keep a check on our website as we bring you more details about Black Ops 2 which is currently set to be launched on the 13th of November 2012 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Our fans have made Evil emblems in Call of Duty ever since the feature was originally added. We look forward to seeing what our fans will do in Black Ops 2 thanks to their love for our modded xbox controllers. What emblems do you plan to make?

Blog by Shahriar Azad