New Xbox Rumor

Well it's about time isn't it? For Microsoft to reveal SOMETHING about the next gen Xbox right?

It seems that one of their employees thought we deserved to know more and thanks to him we get to hear the very first actual reference towards the new Xbox. In an interview with The Verge, Brian Hall (General Manager of Windows Live) literally mentioned that the "new Xbox" when listing the wide range of Microsoft products that could be incorporated with Windows 8.

This is what Hall said during his interview, "We've had Hotmail and operated Hotmail for about 16 years. We obviously have Exchange, and Outlook, that people use at work. We just decided it was time to do something new and bring the best from each of those and put them together and release it right in time for the new wave of products that we could have coming out with Windows 8, with the new version of Office, with the new Windows Phone and the new Xbox."

And thus we have our very first reference of the next-gen Xbox. Even though this reveal is not surprising to anyone, it is still nice to hear it straight (sort of) from Microsoft. If you are new to the whole scene and wondering "why is this news not surprising?" then let me sum it up for you.

Firstly, we all know that next-gen Xbox is already in development thanks to the leaked photos of its development kit. The photos also confirmed that the code name set for the new console is "Durango" as was suggested by early rumors. If you haven't read that article please be sure to check our previous post regarding the development kit leak.

Secondly, for months now several studios have been posting job listings that indicate that they are well on their way in developing games for the next-gen. To add to all this we have already seen enough evidence that shows the next-gen Kinect (Kinect 2.0) is also development (also described in previous articles). Numerous developers have also come forward to say that the current gen is coming to end very soon and that we will be witnessing the next-gen in 2013.

But Microsoft won't be Microsoft if they did not try to somehow divert this info or cover it up. When contacted regarding Hall's comments, Microsoft gave the following statement to IGN, "The comments to The Verge were not understood in their intended context. When Brian mentioned a 'new wave of products,' he was referring to the full lineup of products coming later this year from Microsoft, including Windows 8, Office, Windows Phone and of course our fall Xbox update which will bring a host of new consumer experiences like Xbox Music, Videos, Games on Windows 8 and Xbox SmartGlass."

I call cover-up! Hall said it pretty clear "new Xbox" and not Xbox 360. No matter how many updates you throw at the Xbox 360 it is never going to be referred to as the "new Xbox", especially not by a Microsoft employee.  Also the fact that Microsoft responded so quickly with a lengthy reply is also suspicious. I would more or less expect "We have no further comments on this".

But whatever it maybe, a misunderstanding or an actual slip up, be sure to keep a check on our website as we bring you all the latest news revolving around the next-gen Xbox aka "Durango".

A new console isn't on the horizon for another year. Until then be sure to order a modded controller to get the most out of your Xbox 360 today!

Blog Written by Shahriar Azad