New Dead Island: Riptide Info

Although most information about the sequel to the successful open-world zombie game, Dead Island, has been hushed up, Deep Silver has started to give us a little more to get excited about for Dead Island: Riptide.

As well as the four heroes from the first game, Riptide will welcome a new playable character who goes by the name of John Morgan. John has become a master in hand-to-hand combat through self-training, and although he planned for a great career in the US Navy, he ended up as a military ship cook instead, so his cooking is pretty damn good as well.

The military ship will navigate to the island of Palanai and it’s from there that players will be able to play as John Morgan.

More details have also been released about a new location in Dead Island Riptide. Henderson is a town located on the Island of Palanai that was once part of the stunning Banoi archipelago. Henderson was used as a port-town for the rich and wealthy and was based at the center of Palanai. The town had a jungly Mediterranean feel to it that still remains after a deadly monsoon struck the town. When you play in this area, the buildings will be wrecked and partial floods will have submerged parts of the city. The team of heroes will have to stay safe by sticking to high ground and keeping away from the flooded ruins.

Dead Island: Riptide will be released on April 23 2013 for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Written by Ollie Green