Black Ops 2 Issues on PS3

Although it hasn't affected everyone, many players have complained about issues and bugs with their copy of Black Ops 2 on their PS3 consoles. Treyarch have recently released a patch to help combat this problem, although no official announcement has been given as to what is included, David Vonderhaar has sent out a tweet on twitter to give players a little bit of information. The patch, which is patch number 1.03 for PS3, "has some good fixes for commonly reported problems." According to Vonderhaar's twitter, it's also been stated that Treyarch will keep working to iron out all of the problems.

Treyarch definitely has some work to do, because the new patch has caused inconsistencies between players with the patch, and players without it, and some have even claimed that the patch has started to freeze up their consoles. There is also a message which tells PS3 players "The game versions are incompatible," hinting at the patch inconsistencies between players.

On top of this, some players are now having issues with accessing the servers.

Best advice would be; if your game is working fine, don't worry about the patch for now, and if it isn't go and download the optional patch to see if things smooth out again. If none of the two options alleviate any issues, then you'll have to be patient with Treyarch's tech team to get the problems nailed out.

Knowing the size of Treyarch, hopefully it shouldn't be very long at all till the game is fully smoothed out and playable on every PS3 console.

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Written by Ollie Green