More Halo 4 Details

Microsoft has given a slideshow presentation to retailers this past week in order to get them up to speed with Halo 4. The slides confirmed some pretty great details we had been hearing rumors about. Halo 4 has been officially confirmed to contain:

- 10 new weapons
- 2 new vehicles along with many of the favorites from the past
- New class of enemies - Prometheans
- Master Chief will be fighting against a new race unlike anyone has ever seen before
- Cortana starts to break down due to her degrading AI. Would Master Chief be able to save his long time companion?

Unfortunately the slides contained no new details about the newer enemies. They are still referring to the enemies shown in the tech demo as the "Ancient Evil".

More details regarding Spartan Ops had also been confirmed. Spartan Ops is basically Halo 4's TV series style downloadable missions which significantly expand the game.

Each week Spartan Ops team will deliver 5 new missions. There are going to be 10 weeks of Spartan Ops missions in Season 1. There will also be a high quality cut-scene every week which will basically introduce the player to the situation before they embark on the mission.

Season 1 will come 100% free for all players thus, giving them a total of 50 missions in terms of free DLC for 10 weeks. This will supposedly add at least 4 to 12 hours of additional single player or co-op gameplay time. Based on this increment Microsoft is claiming that Halo 4 practically come with two campaigns instead of one.

So, what do you guys think about the Spartan Ops and about the Season 1 being free?

Will you be showing off your modded controller when the game arrives?

Blog Written by Shahriar Azad