PlayStation 4 in Development Since 2010

Last week new info emerged that hints at the fact that the Playstation 4, codenamed ORBIS, has been in development since 2010.

This speculation arose after the discovery of the LinkedIn account of a man named Attila Vass. This guy worked in Playstation for about 14 years. As expected he has worked in a number of major projects including the Playstation 2, Playstation Portable, Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita. Now, the interesting part is that in his resume he also mentions he worked with the "Next Playstation".

Considering the fact that this could not be the PS Vita (since that is listed already), there is high chance that this "Next Playstation" could very well be Playstation 4! Now that is quite big news. Sony has been adamant in denying anything and everything regarding PS4 and has repeatedly said that they are not considering the PS4 unless they could guarantee a big leap over the current generation. Well, this info proves otherwise.

On his resume Attila mentioned that he worked on graphics, graphics library, cloud services and security of the "Next Playstation", starting from mid 2010 till April in 2012 when he left Sony. Now if you think back to the fact that Sony just acquired the cloud gaming service Gaikai, it all starts to tie together. Considering all this, we can actually expect the launch of the PS4 very soon. Critics are speculating that we can hope to see it by the Tokyo Game Show or by E3 next year at the latest.

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