This game has had a rough start. From the beginning when the idea of a reboot was presented, both Ninja Theory (developers) and Capcom were sent to the firing range. The fans really didn't like the whole idea of a reboot and especially made a fuss over how the new Dante looked.

I was glad to see that Capcom didn't budge under pressure and the only thing that the complaints. Just to keep them happy the developers just tweaked how Dante looked (very slightly). But in my opinion a remake was way over due.

As more details and gameplay videos are released, more people are actually being convinced that this iteration could well be the best of the franchise. I like the new cocky young Dante and would love to see how Ninja Theory's version of Dante's origin.

In the recent GamesCom Ninja Theory revealed a new trailer along with some details of what to expect. Check it out:

New GameCom Trailer:

To keep veterans of the franchise comfortable Ninja Theory has brought back some elements from the previous games. As you can see from the trailer, Virgil will be making a comeback. Just like the past games, Virgil is Dante's twin brother.

According to the developers, Virgil will be playing a central role in the whole game. In the game Virgil is the leader of a group called "The Order" which is basically a band of scientists, hackers etc. who are fighting against the demons in the world.

The trailer shows a bit of how Dante gets involved with the Order. Virgil gets Dante to commit by promising Dante that he can get revenge on those who killed his family but, as time progresses Dante will get tangled up in a much bigger struggle. Ninja Theory said that Dante's involvement with the things to come are both because of the "rightness" of the cause as well as the opportunity to bond with his long lost brother.

The familiar combat mechanics will also be making a comeback along with some favorite moves and weapon selections. Ninja Theory has also revealed that they have added a lot of "platforming" elements to the game where players have to utilize Dante to run, jump, climb and manipulate the environment.

They are also bringing in the idea of the environment being against Dante's intentions and generally hostile towards him. They call this "Malice". Malice will primarily manifest itself in the form of environmental shape shifting and will range from creating a trap door under Dante's feet (making him react or fall to his death) to a building imploding on itself to trap Dante in the rubble.

Check out the new gameplay video:

This version of DMC is definitely much more cinematic and from the gameplay it is obvious that Ninja Theory is trying to put in different gameplay elements to keep players entertained. I don’t know about everyone else but I think this is my most anticipated DMC to date.

I like whatever they have shown till now; I found it funny and entertaining. I hope the rest of the game gels together well and that there are some surprises to be excited about. But we all know the most important thing for the game to be successful, it is the control.

From the demo the combat seemed fluid and like before we have the opportunity to string a flurry of attacks together. I guess Ninja Theory has plenty of experience in this area considering they created Heavenly Sword. For now I shall keep my hopes up and keep an eye out for whatever new comes up regarding DMC Reboot, so be sure to keep an eye on our site!

DMC is currently set to be released for the Xbox 360 and PS3 on the 15th of January 2013, and soon after for the PC.

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Blog by Shahriar Azad