New Doom


It happened before with the current generation: a classic arcade shooter was remade and redefined for the Xbox, and it could happen again. Doom 3 didn't gain as much success as expected though, particularly for the reason that the arcade shooter style of the game has now become a rather 'niche' genre. However, that hasn't stopped many getting excited for what could possibly turn out to be the next in the series.

There's two causes for the rumors to spread about Doom 4, one of which was located on Lead Programmer of ID Software, Brian Hill's LinkedIn profile stated that he was 'the lead behind Doom 4,' giving fans a huge hint that the fourth installment is coming, however it was unknown for what platform, and when.

Recently, Brian Hill took to his Twitter to send out a tweet that Doom fans had also picked apart as something regarding development for the fourth Doom game.

"Currently home taking care of a new baby girl. When I get back, I'll help port the big project to new platforms."

Although Doom was not mentioned once in the above tweet, 'the big project' from Brian Hill could really only mean one thing when coming from the lead programmer of ID Software, so perhaps Brian is teasing us with small hints at the new game.

The release date for the game is definitely a widely-spoken topic though, and it may take the relatively small company longer than some may anticipate, so although it would be nice to have this game upon launch of the next-gen consoles, it may not make an appearance till a year or two after.

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