driveclub gameplayA brand new gameplay video for DriveClub has been released, and it shows off footage of the final, finished build of the game. All I can say is that DriveClub is looking absolutely stunning.

It may not offer the same, open world opportunities as other racing games, such as Forza Horizon 2, but DriveClub certainly looks very incredible. It seems that racing games these days are often used as the benchmark of gaming graphics - we always see the most stunning visuals in racing games before they make their way to new FPS's, RPGs or other genres of video games.

In the new gameplay footage of DriveClub, a few cinematic fly-overs of a selection of cars can be seen - the sun is shining off of the smooth chassis of each vehicle, the world can be seen reflected off of the cars' glass windows, and every crack and crevice can be seen in the detailed world below.

At first, it seems like a very ordinary trailer - the cinematic graphics are stunning, and then the actual gameplay shows something, that whilst impressive, isn't quite what we've seen from the trailers, but in DriveClub, the game always looks beautiful, and there's enough to look at that at times you may end up taking your eyes off the road for a little too long.

DriveClub will be released on PS4 on October 7th in North America, October 8th in Europe, and October 10th in the UK.