free content destinyBungie have taken an interesting approach to the content in Destiny - instead of offering up all of the games bounties, missions and content all at once, they are rotating it regularly by providing some content for a couple-week period, disabling it, and then revealing more content.

All of this content is already on the disk, but because Bungie limits what we get to play at one time, it means it always feels like there's something new to play on the weekend - all of this content so far has been free, so I personally think it's quite a nice approach to take.

This month, Destiny released the Queen's Wrath - it's a new set of bounties and challenges that can award players with reputation points and marks for the Queen's Emissary - these can then be spent on new legendary gear and weapons that players have not yet managed to get a hold of.

For the end game players I see this as a great opportunity to get new loot, but for those still under level 20, it's unlikely you'll manage to collect enough reputation or marks to purchase anything from the Queen's emissary before she leaves the tower and is most likely replaced with another character we've never seen or heard before.

Collecting marks is often not too difficult, but to obtain gear, players must also earn enough reputation points to level up - this is a problem I've encountered with both the vanguard and crucible vendors.

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