Dying Light Footage

It looks like the developers of the Dead Island series aren't quite done with Zombie games just yet. A new gameplay video shows Dying Light, the new zombie title under development by Techland running smoothly at 1080P on the PlayStation 4.

The video was shown at the VGX Awards and focuses on three main pillars of the core game experience; melee combat, parkour and zombie damage.

The idea behind the game is to refresh the now worn out zombie survival genre by adding parkour elements into the game. At first I was a little curious about how Techland plan to pull this off successfully, but I was quite surprised at how smooth the gameplay experience went from parkour to zombie slashing action.

Along with the parkour mechanics, Techland have introduced a bunch of parkour-like combat actions that allow you to improvise with the environment and use hand-to-hand techniques to take on the zombies.

Whilst the zombies will be a threat at day time, they will become much more hostile and aggressive at night time, which forces the players to plan out their missions and finish off task quickly to avoid the in-game day/night system leaving them to the relentless zombie hordes.

Dying Light has been set to release some time in 2014 and will be published by Warner Bros. Studios for next gen consoles, current gen consoles and the PC - we'll keep you up to date on any new footage or release information that might be announced before then.