Sleeping Dogs Triad Wars

Sleeping Dogs was one open world action game that really caught a lot of our attention, and since then a lot of us have been wondering what has been going in the United Front Games studio after development finished for the title.

Whilst rumors have been laid on the table about a direct sequel to the first game, there has been no official information on whether that is true or not - except for now that is.

This week, a United Front Games developer revealed an image on Twitter that showed a small glimpse at what they have been working on since going quiet after Sleeping Dogs was released. It was later confirmed that the game was Triad Wars, which has been said to be a sequel for the first Sleeping Dogs game.

In the screenshot, we can see that the game looks to be a 3rd person game, so it's likely at this point that it is indeed the next lineup in the Sleeping Dogs series.

So far, details on the game have been pretty minimal, and in fact at this point there is almost no information on the game at all. We can guess by the title and the screenshot that the game will most likely involve some sort of gang war - perhaps a three-way gang war, or a war of gangs that have three members in each gang.. We really aren't sure just yet, but we'll keep you updated on this as always.