Quantic Dream's new game, Beyond: Two Souls


From the creators of Heavy Rain, Quantic Dream, comes another PS3 exclusive - Beyond: Two Souls. This game is going to be another emotional journey that will take story telling within games to another level.

According to David Cage, Founder of Quantic Dream, Beyond would allow players to actually witness the life of a character. In the game we will get to follow the protagonist, Jodie Holmes, through 15 years of her life. We will get to see her grow, mature and become the woman she is.

The story is quite intriguing and has a lot of promise. Growing up Jodie has always felt a connection with something that doesn’t belong to her world. This entity or spirit, which she calls Aiden, has been with Jodie for long and follows her wherever she goes.

From the E3 reveal trailer we got to see that Jodie is being hunted down by what seems like military forces. The reason behind her prosecution though was not revealed. The gameplay demo made available at E3 revealed that we will get to take control of both Jodie and Aiden. The fact that these two characters exist in different planes and are bound by different rules opens up a variety of gameplay options.

Aiden has the ability to freely move through matter but, it can only move a certain distance away from Jodie. Using Aiden, players can scout around and listen-in on conversations to get an idea of things to come. Aiden possesses a variety of skills as well which it uses to help Jodie. Although like Heavy Rain this game will have some deep moments, it will also have a lot of action.

Aiden has the ability to create a shield around Jodie that can protect her from bullets. He can also possess enemies. Aiden was shown to possess one of the cops and create a distraction allowing Jodie to escape but, the much more interesting use of it was to take over enemy soldiers and make them take each other out! There was one part where Aiden takes over a chopper pilot and makes him fly it straight into the ground! Aiden can also interact with physical objects in order to attack and create barricades to help protect Jodie.

Fans of Heavy Rain will instantly recognize the control mechanics when controlling Jodie although, controlling Aiden would require a set of different controls. But, the real treat here is that just like Heavy Rain, there are no mistakes in Beyond. You will not get "Game Over" screen when you don't do certain things. For example, during her run from the cops several things could have happened; Jodie could have gotten away successfully at different points, or she could have even been captured. Every action you take will lead you to a certain path and thus, every player will potentially get to see a different story unfold in front of them.

This game is definitely going to be a unique experience that hopefully everyone will get to enjoy. We will keep you posted as more news arrives about Beyond, but till then check out the reveal video and game demo. There aren't any proper videos of the demo but trust me and watch it till the end.

E3 Reveal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NEup8y0g-Q

Game Demo from E3 Show Floor: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbmcfJnjty0

Blog Written by Shahriar Azad