New God of War Patch

If you haven't noticed already, whilst DLC means new content for you game at a price, mandatory patches usually include extra gameplay elements for free, whilst fixing a gamer's overall experience of the game. So, when a new patch hits, gamers should be as excited, or maybe even more excited than a new announced download content pack for their game.


This is definitely the case with the new God of War 1.04 patch details, which will add some interesting dynamics to the game, whilst fixing some much needed issues.

Once again Sony Santa Monica has worked hard to include new features to the game at no charge, and the patch details sound spectacular, as shown below-


Champion Stats

  • We want you to show off! You will now be able to access your accomplishments in battles from the main menu. In addition to displaying your prowess in competitive combat, from death/kill ratios to win percentages, we want to see how you are faring in Trial of the Gods. Our team hasn't just been focusing on adding new content; we're also working tirelessly to address prominent bugs and other issues denoted by the community.


Audio Issues

  • We are very aware of the audio drop issues many have been experiencing. This was a critical fix for this update, as a powerful and immersive audio mix is a tremendous part of the God of War experience. We apologize again for those impacted -- now you'll be able to better enjoy our sound team's painstaking efforts.


Matchmaking Optimization

  • Our work in addressing this and getting players into matches as quick as possible is non-stop. We have already made numerous improvements based on your feedback at our boards and social channels, and have recently bolstered our ranks internally to make further improvements. You should be seeing marked improvements daily; please continue leaving any feedback in our forums.

Shard and Unlock Requirement Fixes

  • We are addressing the shard issue preventing players from attaining the Spear of Destiny and Barbarian Hammer in version 1.04 (possibly sooner), and have made additional tuning changes, namely on weapon shard drops for some of the rarer weapons, as well as unlock requirements for certain armor pieces, weapon stats, and magics.


On top of this, the new patch will include a higher level cap, which will reward loyal gamers to the series with new item, two new relics and an ultimate magic for every allegiance.


This patch shows once again that God of War has one of the most dedicated development teams for console games, and Sony Santa Monica should be praised for their hard work whilst trying to make God of War Ascensions the best God of War game yet.


Are you excited for the new patch update?