Borderlands new Legendary Items

With a new level cap increase incoming, and an increased difficultly level being added, Borderlands is in need with some new weapons, and Gearbox has just shown off some photos of some high-end gear that will be available in the game after their latest patch.


The new items will help players level up their Vault hunter past level 50 and on to level 61, whilst still having a chance at the new hardest game mode, the Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode.


The new items will have their own 'pearlescent' item tier, putting them at a higher rank than the previous orange weapons. Not only will the pearlescent tier items have far better stats when compared to other guns at its level, but the pearlescent guns have level requirements all the way up to level 61.


The new pearlescent items will be shown in aquamarine text, and will output damage far greater than the orange text legendary items, although they will be a lot harder to come by.


The new pack that includes the new Ultimate Vault Hunter mode, the level cap increase to level 61, and the new pearlescent items costs $5 on the PlayStation store, or Microsoft's equivalent of 400 MS points on Xbox Live.