We've already talked about Rockstar's reveal on GTA 5's multi-protagonist story line, and have also talked about missions that involve two or more of the three main characters where players may switch between each character to get different benefits. Rockstar has now revealed three new trailers to show the three characters and their unique traits.

We can learn from the trailers that the first character, Michael, is a man who is going through his midlife crisis with his own family, but has also been brought into an action packed life of chaos and crime. He's pushed himself so far into the chaos that he's found himself addicted to it, and despite his huge fortune, he says he’s miserable and I’m sure his story will follow his choices between chaos or his family.

The second trailer shows Franklin, a character that has become trapped in gang violence and crime. His story will focus around cop chases, helicopters and the street life we've come to know from many popular Hollywood movies.

The final trailer shows Trevor, the awkward, crazed drug dealer who seems to be followed around by a constant steam of comedy behind him. He gets himself involved in some pretty deep stuff, but manages to shrug it off lightly.

These new trailers have been really interesting to watch and have not only shown us what the new GTA storyline may be like, but also what the game will feel like and how it looks, and boy does it look good!