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This Evil Controllers Review focuses on the benefits of the Evil Backplate in addition to giving readers a quick snippet on the evolution of gaming controllers. For those of you that want a bit more info it's a great resource to get a third party's opinion.

Gaming Trend Considers the following the major pros of owning an Evil Controllers Vision Controller:

-Slick presentation thanks to carbon printing
-Uses Xbox 360 shell as a reference so it's not a '3rd party' controller
-Far better ergonomics
-Battery life is pushed from 15 hours to 60 hours
-Decent-length included Mini-B USB cable
-Logo is flawlessly printed
-Underside gives real estate for HUGE logos, gamertags, or images

The Special Gaming Trend Controller was created specifically for Gaming Trend, but stayed tuned as hardcore gamers will get an opportunity to have their own special gamertags or PSN IDs featured on their controller as well.