New GTA Online Secret UFO Mission Found

In the recent gun running update, Rockstar included some course code for a potentially hidden UFO mission. GTA modding group Team Guru has now uncoded the mission and have got it working.

So far, the mission cannot be played legitimately and it looks as if the mission is not yet completed. Rockstar may have plans to add the full mission in the future. For now, though, the uncompleted mission starts by showing players a gigantic crashed alien spaceship.

Near the spaceship crash is a small alien egg - players can pick up the egg. After this, a group of aliens appear, and players must work together to eliminate the aliens. Players must then drive the egg to their gun running bunker.

Aliens have been seen in Grand Theft Auto 5 before. In a mission in the story, Michael starts to hallucinate after taking drugs. During this mission, players take control of Michael to bring down waves of aliens. Some players have tried to decode an alien-themed mystery, known as the Chilliad mystery, in GTA 5 for a long time.

This new GTA Online secret UFO mission is the first time that there has been a legitimate reference to aliens that doesn't involve some kind of hallucinogenic substance. Does this mean aliens are real in the GTA universe?

What are your thoughts on this GTA Online secret UFO mission? Are you as interested as us?

Hopefully, this new alien mission for GTA Online will be completed and will be added to GTA Online in the future.