Rick and Morty Rocket League Has Happened

It's been confirmed that a Rick and Morty Rocket League content pack is now live for both console and PC players.

The announcement was first made on the official Rocket League website and has since been making the rounds across various news portals and social media platforms across the internet.

New antennas featuring both Rick and Morty are now available in the new content patch. On top of that, there are now Toppers for Cromulon, Mr. Meeseeks, and Mr. PBH. A new 'Interdimensional GB' booster has been added to Rocket League, alongside the 'Sanchez DC-137' wheels.

The new Rick and Morty items have been live since July 5th - they were added as part of the 2-year anniversary update for Rocket League.

The 2-year anniversary update brought along a number of other features, including a new arena called Champions Field, and new import battle-cars called the Animus GP and the Centio V17.

A brand new crate, called the Overdrive crate, is now in Rocket League. This crate gives players the chance to unlock newly animated decals, new trails, and other items such as the Rick and Morty themed items mentioned earlier in this article.

Season 5 of the competitive mode for Rocket League has also started now that the anniversary patch has gone live. Finally, a new Rocket League x Monstercat playlist with 18 new songs has been added to Rocket League Radio.

Have you played Rocket League since the new update? What new items are your favorite so far?