gta v dlc executives and other criminals

The next DLC for Grand Theft Auto Online has been announced by Rockstar and it will make it's way to the PlayStation 4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC next week. The new DLC has been named Executives and Other Criminals and in this update players are given the ability to create their own criminal organization.

Although Executives and Other Criminals includes extra modes for player-made criminal organizations, these organizations basically act like a new form of team size clans. Players can create their organizations and then go face to face with other organizations via the new co-op jobs and challenges. Some of the pre-existing Freemode Events will now be altered slightly when a criminal organization takes part in it together. Modes like King of the Castle and Moving Target will change slightly. A new mode named Extraction Adversary has also been added. In this mode, teams of bodyguards must search and locate an executive before a hit squad gets to him first.

Players can hire player-controller bodyguards for Freemode. Bodyguards will be paid RP and GTA$ regularly but they can be fired by the organization VIP at any time.

To add to the content, Rockstar has included new apartments and houses in Vinewood Hills as well as an upgradeable Super Yacht. New armored vehicle variants will be added in Executives and Other Criminals, along with a turreted limousine and a new helicopter named the SuperVolito Carbon.

A variety of new weapons, vehicles and clothing items are expected to be added in with the Executives and Other Criminals update. Rockstar has set the release date for this DLC as December 15.