destiny sparrow racing

A brand new PVP mode has been added to Destiny The Taken King but this new game mode differs significantly to other PVP modes. The new game mode has been dubbed the Sparrow Racing League and as the name suggests, it features fast paced Sparrow racing as opposed to FPS style arena combat.

The new Sparrow racing mode will be available in Destiny for three weeks. During this time players will be able to unlock special new content, including rare Sparrow variants.

On top of adding the new Sparrow Racing League mode, a few other changes have been made in the latest patch for Destiny The Taken King. It should be noted that Sparrow Racing League is only available for those with the Taken King DLC.

Like many patches before it, this latest update for Destiny makes a lot of balancing changes across the board. Some changes include adjustments to class abilities whilst other tweaks are specific to weapon balancing. Interestingly, the Titan melee range has been increased for all Titan classes.

All auto rifles have had a small increase in base damage. The exact amount depends on the rate of fire of the weapon. Pulse rifles on the other hand have had their base damage reduced. Once again, the rate of fire depends on the amount the base damage has been reduced. The auto rifles have had between a 3% and 7% increase in base damage whilst the pulse rifles have had between a 2 and 9% decrease in base damage.