Rockstar have been pretty generous with their Grand Theft Auto Online multiplayer game, and have given out a lot of content for free. Along with having GTA Online as a free game, and sending out free cash packs as a way to say sorry for the server problems, Rockstar are still giving out freebies.

The new free Beach Bum pack has been released, and it brings in a bunch of new content and features. The Beach Bum pack adds a new survival mission, a new race, a new team deathmatch, a new bike race and a new parachute job.

On top of this, it also brings in beach themed customization options such as tattoos clothes, haircuts and even beach themed vehicles.

The single player and story haven't been left in the dark though, and just like with Grand Theft Auto IV and the two extra DLC story content packs, Rockstar has announced that there will be new story content available in the future for Grand Theft Auto V.

Whilst Rockstar didn't give any information other than stating that there will be "exciting Story Mode updates" in the future, it's very likely that the upcoming updates could be new DLC packs similar to the ballad of Gay Tony and the Lost and the Damned in GTA IV.

Unlike all of the recent free GTA Online content, the new story content will probably be released as purchasable DLC packs on the PSN store and the Xbox Games Store.