Despite being on the Microsoft side of the fence with the popular Halo franchise, Sony has managed to bag a deal with Bungie to bring PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 gamers entrance into the Destiny beta a little while before players on either the Xbox One or the Xbox 360.

Bungie have been pretty vague on the beta access for Destiny, and at first there was not any mention of any early access to the game. However, a little while after pre-orders were opened up for all four consoles the game is supported on, Bungie announced that pre-orders would give players access into the beta that will be available early next year.

Following on from that, it looks as if Bungie are being even more vague and have announced that there will be a disparity between the launch date for the beta on Sony consoles and the launch date on Microsoft consoles.

At this moment in time, details on how much longer Microsoft gamers will have to wait over PlayStation gamers haven't been given. Beta keys will automatically be given to those who pre-ordered before October 1st, however for those that have pre-ordered before this date, Bungie & Activision have told customers to ask the retailer that they purchased the game from.

The full release for Destiny will hit in 'Spring 2014,' suggesting that the beta for the game will be very close to the final launch date. It's most likely the game is almost complete at this stage, and the beta test will probably be a way for Bungie to test drive Activision's servers.