343 Industries has announced a Brand new DLC bundle that will bag together a bunch of packs and allow you to get some brand new DLC content and help you to save a few MS.

The new Champions bundle will include the Steel Skin DLC pack, the Bullseye DLC pack and on top of those two, the Infinity Armor DLC pack.

For those that didn't know, the Steel Skin pack will add some new Armor Skins to the game for players to customize their Spartan, including the 'steampunk' paint jobs for UNSC, whilst the Infinity Armor pack will also add new customization options in the form of new armor items.

The Bullseye DLC pack will add two brand new multiplayer maps, and a new Spartan Armor and Gravball game named 'Ricochet.'

The new Champions DLC bundle will be out August 20 and will cost 800 MS points. Individually, the DLC packs add up to 960 MS points, so buying them in the new Champions bundle will save you some money.