Blizzard has taken a huge step at Blizzcon 2016 and have announced a brand new Overwatch league, which should give a wide range of teams a huge level of opportunity to get paid to play.

The Overwatch league has been considered a brand new competitive scene which should help to keep the competitive nature of the game as healthy as possible. The league has a focus to provide "long-term stability for teams as well as opportunities for players to establish the types of professional careers associated with traditional sports."

The Overwatch league will start in 2017 - A number of current players will be given the chance to get invited to some tests run by Blizzard, and if they pass those tests they'll be given a spot in a team. If they get a spot the players will receive a contract and a minimum salary.

Each of the teams will represent major cities and regions as opposed to sponsors and organizations like they do in traditional eSports. This will follow a similar system to traditional sports. This should give players "the best opportunity to grow and thrive for years to come."

Blizzard has made it clear for players to make a name for themselves in the current competitive scene to have a chance to get invited to their test events. Hopefully Blizzard will announce more information about the upcoming league system soon.

This certainly sounds like great information for any players interested in getting involved in competitive Overwatch.