New IP from Dead Space Devs

The gaming world has known for quite some while that Visceral Games, developers of the Dead Space series, has had a new IP up its sleeve ready to play at any time, and although previously all we knew about the game was that it was 'a thrilling online action shooter heavily backed by EA leadership,' we now have a little more potential information about the game thanks to a career listing from Visceral.

"We are seeking an experienced Multiplayer Level Designer with shooter expertise at the Visceral Redwood Shores Studio. This is a major opportunity to contribute creatively to an exciting new IP."

Obviously this could mean anything but an FPS, but more information on the job listing says that the applicants "must be an avid FPS gamer," almost indirectly linking to the guarantee of a new FPS.

Do we really need any more FPS contenders this day though? Visceral has done fantastic jobs on previous games such as the Dead Space series or Dante's Inferno, and in my opinion it'd be nicer to see them concentrate on bigger and better things after the release of Dead Space 3 this month.

EA's backing goes a long way back with Visceral Games, but it seems that EA have more control over the Dead Space developer with this new IP, so it could be possible that EA are looking for a decent title to content with the COD and Halo series other than Battlefield 3 and the unsuccessful MoH.

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