Dead Island Special Edition

Despite the small development team, Deepsilver have managed to release the second Dead Island, Rip Tide, in a reasonably short amount of time since their first game. And although it's not a blockbuster title, it's still got its roots set firmly into a great concept, and I'm very excited for the games release on April 23rd.

If you haven't pre-ordered yet, there are now three options to go for; the standard edition, the previous limited edition steelbook, or the newly announced Rigor Mortis edition.

For a suggested price of $79.99, Americans can get their hands on the Rigor Mortis edition on a first come first serve basis. The limited edition includes a Zombie Hula Girl bobble figurine, a severed hand bottle opener/fridge magnet, a bungalow key with wooden tag and a travel case packaging seen from the first Dead Island title.

Also included is an alternative box art, a digital map and extra in-game unlockable content.

Although no details on how many are available have been revealed, it is said to be 'very limited' meaning it may sell out pretty quickly.

Dead Island will also include a character import option allowing you to carry on with your characters from your playthroughs on the first Dead Island, despite having new characters added to the game.

Will you be grabbing a copy of Dead Island Rip Tide? If so, what copy will you be getting?