Killzone seems to be one of those FPS games that is being pushed to compete for the first person shooter crowns this generation and whilst everyone's favorite game might be different to their friend's, there is no denying that Killzone Shadowfall is something to look forward to.

To keep us all excited, new gameplay footage of Killzone Shadowfall's multiplayer in action has been released, and it looks spectacular.

From what the gameplay shows it seems that Shadowfall will have a similar scoring points system to Call of Duty, and there seems to be some kind of D-pad enabled ability system that looks similar to the one used for Halo 4's personal ordnance drop system.

Apart from that, the HUD seems quite minimal, although the kill log that tells players who's killed who may end up cluttering smaller screens.

The graphics are incredibly good, although in some areas this makes it quite hard to spot the enemy so some players may be turned away by this. Others may enjoy the immersive experience. It really comes down to preference and at this point what makes your FPS crowned king this generation really is based upon your own opinion on the games available.