At first, the concept of sticking huge titanic mechs into a free flowing shooter that played out similarly to Call of Duty sounded a bit alien to me, but after seeing the Titanfall Gamescom 2013 demo, I can truly say that i'm bought on the idea.

The developers of Titanfall have somehow managed to fit a multi-floored dynamic movement system that allows you to jump from building to building in the neatest ways possible into a world that is inhabited by player controlled mechs.

I've noticed a trend with any game that has included player controlled mechs, and it usually ends with the game selling poorly and no one really interested in it, but Titanfall makes the transition between on-foot combat to mech combat so smoothly.

The gameplay shown seems to make out that there isn't any one loadout or mech that is overpowered, and there is always a combination of weapons to deal with any annoying enemies that you can't seem to kill with your old loadout.

For me, that makes gameplay exciting and more competitive, and the gameplay we're seeing shows that each game is packed with non-stop adrenaline.

Titanfall has been confirmed to be released in Spring 2014 for the Xbox One and possibly the Xbox 360 later on. Rumors have spread that Titanfall will be a timed exclusive for the Xbox One and that it may eventually make it's way to the PlayStation 4 as well.