Max Payne 3 DLC

Rockstar is still giving support to their older games, and even with Grand Theft Auto 5's release nearing, Max Payne 3 is still receiving new content.

Max Payne 3 Painful Memories was released on December 4th and adds more new avatars, weapons and maps to the already expansive content within Max Payne 3's multiplayer.

Four new maps have been added with this pack and provide a variety of different scenarios to play in. Canal De Panama and Shoot First are two maps which are mainly played upon different boats stationed in open water. Shoot First takes place on a three-floor yacht and will be compatible with Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and as a Payne Killer Map.

The Canal De Panama map is situated on a huge cruiser docked to land and includes a sniper rifle and a few extra scenery places to access such as a cruise boat and a crane tower.

The two other maps look equally as interesting and feature different indoor and outdoor environments.

On top of the extra maps, Painful Memories has added two new avatar factions, two extra assault rifles and few other extras. The download content pack costs 800 Microsoft points on Xbox LIVE and $9.99 on PSN.


Did you like Max Payne 3 enough to get the new DLC?