New Minecraft Game Gets Announcement

Out of nowhere, Mojang has announced a brand new Minecraft game.

The new game is called Minecraft: Dungeons and it takes Minecraft to new territories.

Mojang has unveiled that Minecraft: Dungeons is more like a side project that will exist alongside the original Minecraft game.

As the name suggests, Minecraft: Dungeons is a dungeon crawler game. It uses the same engine and existing Minecraft assets, but it will be an entirely different gameplay experience.

In Minecraft: Dungeons, up to four players will be able to join up to fight through underground levels, battling new mobs, bosses, and collecting loot.

The environments in Minecraft: Dungeons will be procedurally generated, but players will go through small levels, as opposed to the main Minecraft game which has an infinite open world.

Despite the announcement for Minecraft: Dungeons, development for the main Minecraft game isn't slowing down. Mojang has kept to their promise to keep pushing free content updates. In fact, alongside the Dungeons announcement, Mojang revealed plans for a new big Minecraft update.

Called Village and Pillage, the new update coming in 2019 will redesign villagers, add a crossbow, and introduce a number of other features such as pandas. The new update will also have a new building mechanic called scaffolding.

As for Dungeons, we don’t yet know the release date or the price, but we imagine it’ll sell as a standalone game from Mojang’s website, perhaps next year if we are lucky.

What are your thoughts on this shock announcement?