new overwatch ana amari

A new character has been introduced to Overwatch and from what we've seen so far, it's something worth getting excited for. Ana Amari is the new Overwatch character and she has weapons to provide long range support for her team.

Ana Amari's primary weapon is a Biotic Rifle. This rifle fires darts that can both deal damage to enemies and heal her teammates. It's clear that her marksman skills have been refined so that she can provide support from a distance, as opposed to getting up close and personal. Because of this, it's expected that she'll have quite limited defense.

In a similar vein to her primary weapon, Ana Amari carries Biotic Grenades that can put up an area of effect that can both heal allies and take healing potential away from enemies. Her sidearm on the other hand shoots Sleep Darts that can bring down enemies temporarily, although this won't kill them. Ana Amari's ultimate is Nano Boost - this is a support ultimate that will give all teammates increased damage, speed and damage resistance.

We imagine Ana could be an important part of any team and from what we've heard could provide a big boost to any lineup of characters.

Whilst previous rumors may have suggested otherwise, the next character for Overwatch will definitely be Ana Amari. We're expecting to see her added into the game soon, but for now a definite release date has not been announced.

Once we know more about Ana Amari and Blizzard's plans for releasing the characters we shall let you know.