red dead redemption on xbox one

It's finally happened. Red Dead Redemption is now available on the Xbox One via the backwards compatibility program. If you own an Xbox 360 version of Red Dead Redemption you'll now be able to play it on your Xbox One.

If you don't own it, you'll be able to purchase the Xbox 360 version digitally or alternatively you could pick up a cheap second hand physical copy online or at a local retailer. Surprisingly the Red Dead digital version is under $10 so either way you'll be able to get the game on your Xbox One for cheap.

Not only has Red Dead Redemption been added to the backwards compatibility version, but the previous DLC for the game has been released for free. Not all of the DLC content has been put up for free, but the vast majority of it has. This includes some single player content and all of the multiplayer content. The new free DLC includes the Legends and Killers Pack, the Myths and Mavericks Pack and the Liars and Cheats Pack. The Outlaws to the End co-op mission pack and the Hunting and Trading outfits pack are free as well.

The only content that is still not free is the Undead Nightmare, which is currently available for just a little bit more than the cost of the standalone digital game. If you choose to purchase the digital copy, keep in mind that you'll need 7.5GB of free storage space to install the game to your Xbox One's hard drive.