A Major PlayStation 4 system update has just launched and should be rolling out to all regions that support the PS4 as we speak. The new PS4 update brings a number of changes to the user interface that many PlayStation owners will be happy to find out about.

Firstly, a more refined experience has been added to the main UI with thanks to new system backgrounds, updated system icons and revised pop up notifications and drop down menus to make it easier to navigate through everything.

Another great change is the adjustments made to the Quick Menu. The new Quick Menu will now no longer take up the entirety of the screen, which means you can still pay attention to what's happening in your game or on your PS4 system and still access the Quick Menu at the same time.

The Quick Menu also has an improved music player app - you can now quickly skip songs and change music via the USB music player or Spotify app. Sony has also attempted to make it so that the Quick Menu options will be adjusted on the fly for what you're doing at the time. If you're playing a game, the things you'll need first, such as your friend list or incoming invites will appear first, whilst watching a movie may show different options first.

The new PS4 4.00 update also improves your content library by adding new folders and sub-categories. With everybody’s game library no doubt being a lot bigger than when the PS4 first came out, this new library update comes when it's much needed. Overall tweaks and changes have been made throughout the rest of the PS4 user interface as well.