Rage DLC Info

Although most of Bethesda's attention right now is expected to be on Skyrim DLC, and fixing the issues for PS3 players, Bethesda have still managed to release extra content for their other games, and in this instance, Rage.

It's been a little over two years since Rage was released, so it is likely most players have finished the game and have possibly sold it by now, but to those who have held onto it since then, you may want to check out the new DLC released just this week.

The new DLC, The Scorchers, costs $4.99 or 400 Microsoft Points depending on platform, and is available for Xbox PS3 and PC.

The Scorchers will add lots of new content spread across six new areas. The main mission added requires you to defend Hager Settlement from a group of bandits known as the scorchers. The Scorchers DLC will also add new mini games, a new episode of Mutant Bash TV, and a new nail gun weapon.

On top of the extra in-game content, the Scorchers DLC will add a new Ultra-Nightmare difficulty perfect for those looking for a hardcore challenge. You’ll also be able to play Extended Play mode which allows you to carry on with the game after completing the game's main quests, and this is something that was definitely needed within the original game content.

It's a little strange that it's been so long before any Rage DLC has been released, and this is usually something developers will avoid, as releasing DLC as early as possible will bring in more buyers who have yet to finish the game.

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