Crysis 3 Info

Great graphics and high definition gameplay adds to immersion, and Crytek seem to think that this is a large selling point.

Crysis 2 was renowned to be one of the most graphically pleasing games in its time, and Crytek said Crysis 3 will be no different. In fact, Crytek have even gone so far to state that their new FPS will be more graphically impressive than any game released so far, and any other game releases for the next two years after that.

That's a big statement to make, but Cervat Yerli, chief executive of Crytek seems pretty confident with it.

In comparison to Epic Game’s Unreal Engine 4, Crysis' engine does look spectacular according to those who have witnessed gameplay from Crysis 3 firsthand. We can't say for sure what will happen in gaming in the next two years, but Crysis 3 definitely will be a great example of top-end 3D graphics.

What effect does this have on gameplay other than overall appearance? In an interview with venturebeat, Cervat gave his views on how great graphical content can make for more engaging gameplay.

"What Crytek is about, as a studio, is technology inspiring gameplay in different ways. Technology opens up new ways of playing the game. With the Fields level, we wanted the effects of the grass to be part of decision-making. How do you traverse grass? How do you negotiate grass? How does the AI negotiate it? The interplay of all those factors gives us a new emergent gameplay experience. It's not just beautiful. It's part of the gameplay experience. We've done that for all of the Seven Wonders. The visual identity is not just visual. It's actually a gameplay driver."

So far it's clear that Crytek are working hard to create a more engaging environment for players to immerse themselves in, and hopefully we'll see more content regarding Crysis 3 soon.

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