rocket league portal dlc

The developers for Rocket League have announced a brand new DLC pack for the game that will include a number of items based upon the Portal video game series by Valve.

The new items have been added to Rocket League on the PC and the PlayStation 4. All of the items are cosmetic in nature and can be found in the vehicle customization screen. The new items are all Portal themed, and unlike previous DLC content, they have been released for free to all players on both platforms.

Perhaps one of the coolest cosmetic Portal items is the cake hat, but there are other items too, including two new antennas, a cake sticker, a Companion Cube hat and a Personality Cube hat. On top of the new physical items, you will now be able to turn your rocket gel into conversion gel, propulsion gel or repulsion gel. If you've played Portal 2 you'll know that there are number of different colored gels available for usage.

You won't be given the Portal items completely free of charge - you will have to unlock them. When you complete a match in Rocket League you have the chance of randomly unlocking new equipment. There's a chance you'll get Portal gear starting in December. Obviously the more gear you already have unlocked, the more likely you will unlock Portal gear whilst playing.

If you are a fan of Portal and you happen to play Rocket League too, which of the new items would you most like to unlock for your vehicle?