rainbow six siege team killing

A huge issue that was present in the Rainbow Six Siege beta was team killing and player griefing. It was too easy for trolls to ruin a game and at the time Ubisoft were doing nothing about it. Fortunately Ubisoft has spoken out to reveal that Rainbow Six Siege will have some features added soon that will stop trolls, team killing and most game-ruining griefing.

When asked on Twitter about trolls, Ubisoft simply mentioned, "Yes. We have a plan in place to handle them. It will not be tolerated at launch!" via their official Twitter account

Unfortunately Ubisoft did not explain exactly what measures would take place at launch but there's likely to be some kind of kick or penalty system for team killers. In other multiplayer games, players are often kicked for team killing. In some competitive titles, such as Counter Strike, repeated griefing behaviour or trolling can lead up to a 7 day ban on all competitive servers.

Hopefully Ubisoft has a system in place that works just as well to combat griefers but has some leniency towards any accidental team kills. Rainbow Six Siege involves a lot of tense indoor moments, plenty of explosions and many narrow dark corridors across their different maps. As a result, it's easy for a trigger happy player to accidentally take out one of their teammates.

Have you had the chance to play Rainbow Six Siege yet? What do you think about the game in comparison to the rest of 2015's top FPS titles?