infamous updateInFAMOUS second son has now been out for a couple of weeks, and it has received an incredibly great reception from fans, gamers and critics around the world. In my eyes, Sony exclusive developers always try their best to keep their fans happy, and I definitely think the developers behind InFAMOUS Second Son have done a good job already.

However, they aren't yet done with the game, and they plan to keep updating it and ensuring that players get the best, fine tuned experience out of the game as possible. In fact, one update has already been planned, despite it not being that long ago that the title was released.

Brian Fleming from Sucker Punch Studios wrote a blog post on the PlayStation website to give a bit of insight into his whole experience since the launch, and he then went on to talk about the future of InFAMOUS Second Son.

Fleming mentioned a few new features that many fans have requested since it's launch - one of these is a Time of Day setting that players will be able to use once they have completed the game. The setting will give players control over exactly what time they would like it to be.

In the new update, there will also be an option to completely remove the HUD - this way players can get completely immersed, or just take a completely kickass screenshot.

Finally, the new update will have an option to cap the frames at 30FPS - this means that the game won't constantly be jumping up between 30 and 60FPS, and instead will stay steadily at 30FPS.