titanfall matchmaking bugsAs you may already know, Respawn Entertainment recently pushed out a patch to Titanfall that was intended to make finding balanced teams much easier, however since it has been released, more issues with the matchmaking system have been created.

Whilst matchmaking games are now generally a lot more balanced out, the waiting time for finding a well balanced match takes much too long in it's current state, and many players have expressed their frustration with the system.

Respawn are still working on creating a long term fix for the matchmaking system, but for the time being they have "turned down the effect of the new matchmaking to help players find games." This means games will be a little less balanced than this current patch, but games will also be found considerably faster.

The matchmaking system in place is certainly a good system for stopping overbalanced teams from ruining the experience for other players, but at this point all of the waiting needed to find the game far outweighs any benefits that the new system offers to players.

Hopefully a more balanced system will be introduced in the near future, but in the meantime players may have to deal with slightly unbalanced team matchmaking. Titanfall plan to add new game modes and other features such as private lobby systems for free in the future, but it's good that they are working on more important issues, such as the matchmaking system, first. No details have yet been given on when a fix for the matchmaking system is sent out.