New The Division Screenshots

Along with Watch Dogs, Tom Clancy's the Division is one of the few upcoming games I'm truly looking forward to. The game looks like a lot of great fun, and I've always been a fan of the Tom Clancy games.

If you're looking forward to the game as much as I am, you'll be excited to see some newly released screenshots of the game.

So far, not only is Tom Clancy's the Division looking to be one of the most interesting upcoming games in terms of playability, but it's starting to look very, very impressive in terms of graphical quality too.

The Snowdrop engine that is running Tom Clancy's the Division should make sure that the game looks beautiful and plays incredibly smoothly, but as always with "press ready" screenshots like these, we'll have to expect that these screenshots have been taken in the best environment possible, and i'm eagerly awaiting some true, unscripted gameplay footage.

Some gamers are speaking their concerns about the Division, and are worried that the game may be pushed back further than it's originally intended 2014 release date. After taking into consideration that we've already got Watch Dogs by Ubisoft planned for this year, and even that was delayed, it would unfortunately not surprise me if we had to wait till at least the beginning of 2015 before Tom Clancy's the Division was released.