New Tomb Raider Maps

Although the most enjoyable aspect of the new Tomb Raider is obviously the action-packed singleplayer, Square Enix seem confident enough with their multiplayer to bring out a new 1939 multiplayer map pack already. The new map pack is for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and the PC, and will add two new levels to the multiplayer in the new Tomb Raider.


The new 1939 Multiplayer Map Pack will also include new weapon packs and multiplayer characters that will tie into the new maps. New content will be able to be found within each new multiplayer map, and from the details page, things are looking quite interesting.


The first map is named Dogfight and will involve a deadly stone maze that is filled with traps and other obstacles. The map features elements reminiscent of the World War 2 era.


The second map is named Forest Meadow, which will involve big open spaces inside a forested meadow. There are both advantages and disadvantages to being out in the forest, and players should have man opportunities to interact with the environment around them.



Another two map packs, including the Shipwrecked multiplayer map pack are also rumored to be available later this year, and will bring an extra four levels to the game, involving a shipwreck themed map, a mountain top map, and two other unannounced maps.


Are you interested in more multiplayer maps for Tomb Raider?